Getting a comfortable, portable spa!

Luxury can be affordable, especially for spa lovers. Nothing is more relaxing than the feeling of sitting in a hot tub, while you sip on some red wine. If you don’t want a permanently installed spa, then a portable hot tub is the perfect solution. There are numerous shops which sell portable spas Sydney wide, which are available in different shapes, sizes and designs. In order to get the perfect portable spa that suits your needs, the following tips will help you get the right one.

The size – different portable spas come in different sizes. Most of them are much smaller than permanent, made for a maximum of 5 people. However, some spas can accommodate up to eight adults. When looking for the right spa for you, always keep in mind the number of people it will accommodate. There is no need to buy a bigger spa when only two people will use it.

Safety features – Some portable spas come with certain safety measures, especially for children and adults. Although some do not have them, it is very important to choose spas with safety features to help prevent any accidents. Some of the common safety features may include filtration systems, locking lids, maximum heat capacity that forbids its handlers from scalding their skin, etc.

Digital features – Some high-end portable spas Sydney shops sell have digital controls to spice up your spa moments; however, they are slightly expensive. Therefore, it is important to choose a model which comes with special panels, making it easier for electricians to fix it. Also, some digital spas are manual while others digital. The digital ones help you operate them easily using digital controls.

Insulation – When choosing a portable spa, always confirm that the water temperature can be easily maintained. Some spas have closed cell foam which helps to prevent any heat loss, ensuring that the temperature is steady.

Comfort – Spas, whether permanent or portable, need to be comfortable. Therefore, always check out their interior designs, from the headrest to the seats. It is advisable to sit on it just to ensure that it meets your standards.

Its components – always check on the components that come with the spa. Different portable spas Sydney shops recommend come with various components such as the number of jets, control panel, filtration equipment, etc. The more the jets the more they are effective. Hence, look for a portable spa with more jets. Also, the filtration equipment and control panel should be reachable.

Energy consumption – This is a very important factor to consider when looking for a portable spa. The thicker the insulator, the lesser the unit consumption. However, portable spas with powerful motors tend to consumer more power but one can purchase green upgrade spas which consume less energy.

Total cost – Despite the fact that portable spas are designed to fit smaller budgets, their price ranges differ. Different portable spas are designed in different ways to suit different needs. Therefore, before shopping for these units, set a specific budget that will not strain your pocket. Get the correct estimate because some units do not come with safety features, or any other desired item.