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The author is not responsible for what is observed in the unchanging dynamics of the Universe and in each one of all the things that compose it, because he is not the author, which has given him a great freedom that facilitated the objectivity of his observations; and he is not responsible for “The True History of Humanity” of which he is only a transcriber of those historical facts.

The author does assume the responsibility of transcribing his observations, feeling that this knowledge can be useful to the human being, in the silent and cosmic battle of dying forever or living forever.

Because I am not the author of the things observed, I freely give these observations hoping they serve the reader.


19- Because what God knows is manifest to them, because God showed it to them.

20- Because the invisible things of him, his eternal power and deity, are clearly visible from the creation of the world, being understood by the things done, so that they have no excuse.

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Getting a comfortable, portable spa!

Luxury can be affordable, especially for spa lovers. Nothing is more relaxing than the feeling of sitting in a hot tub, while you sip on some red wine. If you don’t want a permanently installed spa, then a portable hot tub is the perfect solution. There are numerous shops which sell portable spas Sydney wide, which are available in different shapes, sizes and designs. In order to get the perfect portable spa that suits your needs, the following tips will help you get the right one.

The size – different portable spas come in different sizes. Most of them are much smaller than permanent, made for a maximum of 5 people. However, some spas can accommodate up to eight adults. When looking for the right spa for you, always keep in mind the number of people it will accommodate. There is no need to buy a bigger spa when only two people will use it.

Safety features – Some portable spas come with certain safety measures, especially for children and adults. Although some do not have them, it is very important to choose spas with safety features to help prevent any accidents. Some of the common safety features may include filtration systems, locking lids, maximum heat capacity that forbids its handlers from scalding their skin, etc.

Digital features – Some high-end portable spas Sydney shops sell have digital controls to spice up your spa moments; however, they are slightly expensive. Therefore, it is important to choose a model which comes with special panels, making it easier for electricians to fix it. Also, some digital spas are manual while others digital. The digital ones help you operate them easily using digital controls.

Insulation – When choosing a portable spa, always confirm that the water temperature can be easily maintained. Some spas have closed cell foam which helps to prevent any heat loss, ensuring that the temperature is steady.

Comfort – Spas, whether permanent or portable, need to be comfortable. Therefore, always check out their interior designs, from the headrest to the seats. It is advisable to sit on it just to ensure that it meets your standards.

Its components – always check on the components that come with the spa. Different portable spas Sydney shops recommend come with various components such as the number of jets, control panel, filtration equipment, etc. The more the jets the more they are effective. Hence, look for a portable spa with more jets. Also, the filtration equipment and control panel should be reachable.

Energy consumption – This is a very important factor to consider when looking for a portable spa. The thicker the insulator, the lesser the unit consumption. However, portable spas with powerful motors tend to consumer more power but one can purchase green upgrade spas which consume less energy.

Total cost – Despite the fact that portable spas are designed to fit smaller budgets, their price ranges differ. Different portable spas are designed in different ways to suit different needs. Therefore, before shopping for these units, set a specific budget that will not strain your pocket. Get the correct estimate because some units do not come with safety features, or any other desired item.

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Bangkok Cuisines: The Best To Offer

There are a number of Bangkok Japanese restaurants to visit while in Bangkok. They are so numerous and have the best food that one can eat and dine with. The restaurants are well located within the city and are easily accessible. The reason that the restaurants are so many is because there are so many people who visit Bangkok yearly including expatriates, traders, and business people. Tourists also come in for holidays in large numbers. One of the attractions that bring people to Bangkok is sushi! Some of the restaurants bring in fresh deliveries from Tokyo and prepare the best sushi in variety of kinds. People do spend and never complain about the prices as the sushi is very delicious. Some of the best restaurants even have lines of people waiting to buy all around the year.

Best restaurants in Bangkok

While in Bangkok and in need of a place to dine in, there are numerous Bangkok Japanese restaurants available. The questions may linger on where, what, and when to eat. The most things to look out for is the:

  • Prices of their food
  • The ambiance of the restaurant
  • The accessibility of the restaurant
  • Style in which they present the food
  • Flavor of the food

Some of the best restaurants are:

  • Mezzaluna at Lebua Hotel which has the best menus with a complete meal course up to seven courses. The chefs prepare some of the best in Bangkok.
  • Eat Me and Le Du Restaurants have very creative cuisines which are made by young chefs. The restaurants are very exquisite and a bit pricey.
  • Kisso has quite an affordable price range for fine choices of Bangkok food.

While in Bangkok, you will notice that Japanese people are very passionate about food. They are always trying out new recipes daily and are always eating. As the city has a lot of supplies of food daily especially seafood, people who visit tend to be enthusiastic about it. They have many menus that are very tasty and some of the restaurants are cheap. The Japanese staple food being:

  • Sticky rice
  • Meat salad
  • Hot and sour green papaya.

It is very possible that the best prices for food in Thai are in the run-down restaurants and have the best menus around. Besides Thai food, there are other cuisines such as the French, Chinese and Korean cuisines.

For a visitor visiting Bangkok for the first time, you will realize that the city is known as the food capital. You will find that Bangkok food has a lot of history aligned with it. Some recipes they use go back in history and they have maintained that history to date. As a result, people have come from around the world to have a taste of these menus. The food choices have made Bangkok Japanese restaurants grow and be recognized globally. There is so much food in Bangkok with so many different tastes. The best thing about the food is that your order is made specifically and the chefs also add in suggestions to make the most of your food order.

In conclusion, in Bangkok one can have all kinds of taste majorly from Japanese recipes. The town is busy with making new recipes and feeding food enthusiasts daily.

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Ways to Have a Successful Doctor’s Visit

Have you ever canceled a physician’s assessment because it would set off a damage in your pocket? In Smithfield alone, some people hold off a physician’s assessment considering that screenings and other health evaluations are too costly. Healthcare is really vital for everybody, but it can be unique on a case to case basis. This means that you have to find the best doctors Smithfield has today to take care of your health.

Visiting competent doctors Smithfield has today is only the first step to a healthier life. Below are smart techniques to ace amongst the most important health check-ups you may go through:

doctors smithfield

  • Do Not Lie On The Paper Work

Your medical assessment will expose that fibbing on legal medical files and will hold you responsible. This may also get you terminated from work. Not everyone has the time to be at maximum physical conditioning level but lying on the medical record is a big No. You will have to provide your medical history when visiting company doctors Smithfield has today. This will give an impression that you are serious with your job and aim to do things the right way.

  • Better Stats, Better Security

A lot of life insurance protection services have different requirements that may cover your health. The most vital component for getting premium insurance is to have a healthy, well-kept body to begin with. This means young employees are more conscious about avoiding cancer activating substances like tobacco, high-carb fatty meals and taking pleasure in other drugs. If your company designated Alexandra Hills doctor find a spike in your blood pressure, they may increase your quote by 20 percent.

  • The Genuine Test

You will be quizzed on your present state of health and any treatments you may be going through when you visit your selected Alexandra hills medical centre. Start taking pleasure in precisely what you work and take in out regularly to make the premium cut since lots of individuals hover in between rankings to get the ideal test results.

  • Tailor-fit to Your Preferences

Medical services can now be more personalized to your unique circumstance. Bulk billing other treatments are now a lot easier to complete as they will be based upon your requirements. Open your dissensions to readily available restorative specialists and merely get the best corrective care. Organize your health by counting on just the best and by taking a look at the absolute best centres around you and take a look at in the best specialists offered. Contact their details online for getting a comprehensive assessment to examine the status of your health. Gain the best of medical assistance readily available from experts in your area.

You can find doctors Alexandra Hills has today that is accessible from your home and workplace. Make sure to book ahead of time and remember your set appointment. You can similarly reschedule your check out at your own advantage. Some centers allow walk-in customers or customers without previous assessments, relying on the range of clients they can cater within the day. Visit for more details.

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4 Practical Steps to Finding the Best Nursing Services in Caboolture

Are you looking for the best nursing services Caboolture has to offer? Surely, you have an ageing loved one who is in need of constant care and monitoring. Be it a parent or a friend, having a specialist over for a 24-hour, long-term care has become a practical option for most people.

best nursing services Caboolture

In this suburban community of just around 60,000 people, aged care facilities such as Arcare do offer a wide range of aged care services from dementia, palliative, to respite care and ageing in place. With its beautiful picturesque bushlands and wide plains, Caboolture is ideal for both families and residents alike.

But you have to consider a couple of things before settling on the aged care facility for your parent or friend. To know more how you are going to find the best nursing services Caboolture has been preferring, read on.

1.Know what you are looking for

Do you need specialists who can handle people with diseases such as cancer or diabetes? Surely, this calls for experts in palliative care. So, when finding the top palliative care Caboolture has been preferring, make sure that they have a variety of in-home nursing care professionals. These include:

  • Nurse practitioners
  • Home-health nurses
  • Physical therapists
  • Physician assistants
  • Licenced Physicians
  • Occupational therapists
  • Home-health type aides
  • Personal care assistants
  • Personal companions and homemakers

All of these have different educational levels, requirements, qualifications, and expertise. Furthermore, each also has a wide range of price points. By knowing these bits, you will be able to jump-start with your search for the best nursing services Caboolture has been offering. Check it out at Arcare Glenhaven

2. Identify the needs of your loved one

Now that you know how aged care units function. It is time to identify the individual needs of your elderly.

There is a wide range of maladies that may afflict people in their old age. You have diseases such as osteoarthritis, COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, and a lot more. Each medical condition requires a different approach to treatment and care.

However, aside from looking for medical assistance and intervention, it is just right that you choose a facility that is known to also provide emotional support. There are aged care facilities that put an emphasis on building relationships – and you should put those at the top of your list.

3. Look at how much you are willing to spend

Sending your elderly parents to the top aged care in Morayfield and Caboolture may not be easy than it sounds. As a matter of fact, you need to prepare yourself financially.

But if you are elderly yourself, and you can no longer stay living independently in your own home and community. The state of Queensland offers services to provide you support. However, you must be over 65 years old and eligible for such privilege.

4.Search for available facilities and choose

This is probably the most critical point. In this step, you have to ascertain which suits your needs and budget.

Moreover, you have to make sure that the aged care facility you are considering employs qualified staff and professionals. Search for online reviews and the BBB or Better Business Bureau ratings to see if other families have pleasant experiences with the top Morayfield aged care homes you are thinking of choosing.

Some seniors may choose to still remain in their home in order to exercise control over their lives. However, this does not discount the fact that moving to aged care facilities can also provide more medical and emotional support.

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